Randy Cribbs

Meet Captain Randy Cribbs

Meet Captain Randy Cribbs and BWC Charters

Meet Captain Randy Cribbs, a seasoned fishing aficionado who embarked on his angling journey at the tender age of 8. With an unwavering passion that has only deepened over the years, Captain Randy made a pivotal decision at the age of 49 to step into the role of a captain, drawing on an impressive 31 years of hands-on experience. His mastery of the live bait technique, refined to perfection, has earned him widespread admiration from a discerning clientele.

Engaging adeptly in lure fishing and flat jigging, Captain Randy's distinctive approach to fishing has not only solidified his status as a true expert but has also led him to triumph in numerous prestigious fishing tournaments, showcasing the effectiveness and success of his personalized style.

Captain Randy's expertise is a beacon in the world of fishing, commanding both admiration and respect. His flawless execution of the live bait technique, a skill honed over time, consistently delivers exceptional results and has garnered a loyal following among customers who appreciate his innovative approach. Demonstrating versatility, Captain Randy seamlessly transitions between methods, moving effortlessly from live bait to lure fishing with a profound understanding of how to entice even the most elusive catches. His finesse in flat jigging further underscores his comprehensive mastery of various fishing approaches. Captain Randy Cribbs is synonymous with unparalleled proficiency, innovative techniques, and an unwavering dedication to the art of angling, as evidenced by his consistent victories in multiple fishing tournaments.

Boat details

The 24' Sea Ark, a remarkable flats boat, was initially constructed in 2006 and underwent a meticulous restoration in 2019. Fueled by a robust 150HP Yamaha engine, it boasts an impressive maximum cruising speed of 35 knots. With ample space, this vessel offers accommodations for up to 6 guests, ensuring a comfortable and exciting fishing experience.

BWC Charters promises an unforgettable day on the water that will leave everyone eager for a return or reluctant to depart!

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Trip Includes:

Rods, reels & tackle

Daiwa rods and spinning reels provided.

Live Bait

Piltchers and pinfish

Lures (Unfair Lures)

Catch cleaning & filleting

Fishing License

What to bring:

Food and drinks

Sun protection (sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses)

Wear weather-appropriate clothing

DEPOSIT: A deposit is required for all bookings and will be applied at checkout 


BALANCE: The remaining balance is due on the trip date as either Credit or Cash.  


GUEST CANCELLATION: In the event that you must cancel your booking, you must do so 3 days prior to your trip date to receive a refund on your deposit. Rescheduling is encouraged and dependent on guide availability. 


GUIDE CANCELLATION: In the rare event that your guide must cancel due to inclement weather, health, or equipment issues, you will have the option to reschedule your charter for a later date or receive a refund on your deposit. 


TIPPING: Tips to your guide are greatly appreciated for your quality trip. 


Sea Ark

Boat Type: Motorboat (engine-powered)

Boat Guest Capacity: 6

Boat Length: 24

Manufacturer Name: Sea Ark

Model Year: 2014

Number of Engines: 1

Horsepower per Engine: 225

Maximum Cruising Speed: 35

Boat Registration: Not Given

Features: GPS, Fish Finder, Ice-Box, Livewell / Live Bait Tank